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New York, Chigago, New Orleans, Maiami, Key West, Kennedy - Space Center, Daytona, Bahamas, Washington, Baltimore, New York-Paris mit der CONCORDE / Dez. 98/99
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10076553 Concorde on top of the brewery NewYork20 NewYork26
NewYork14 NewYork11 NewYork16 NewYork32
NewYork12 NewYork15 NewYork33 NewYork34
NewYork35 NewYork28 NewYork17 NewYork18
NewYork2 NewYork9 NewYork1 NewYork5
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NewYork8 NewYork31 NewYork30 Baltimore2
Baltimore1 59652 : Sunshine, Light phenomena, sunlight, Cities, States, Countries, Settlements, city, country, Continents, Signs, signpost, Chicago, Illinois, North America, USA, View from below, TRAVEL, Great Lakes States, Midwest, America, U.S., United States Chicago6666 lg wellsFargo
neworleans new-orleans-flag-big Schiff7 NewOrlins1
new-orleans-balcony-big new-orleans-pumpkins-big marie-house-of-voodoo piratesalley
paddleboat Schiff2 Schiff3 Schiff1
Schiff4 Schiff6 Schiff8 Schiff9
SchiffKrokodeil SchiffKrokodeil1 Ohne Titel-13 Ohne Titel-551
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Ohne Titel-1 KP Center1 Ohne Titel-18 KP Center2
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Ohne Titel-788 Ohne Titel-8 Ohne Titel-88 washington-dc
3cad596e7aa58-51-1 lg atcTower dcaroofl o'hare
dcahallwayl dcadeptl old-postoffice penn-ave
Pentagon 11 20 01 dc national airport 1280 treasury-statue smithsonian-castle
treasury-dept space-museum-apollo-capsule space-museum-apollo-door space-museum-apollo
space-museum-liberty-7 space-museum-moon-rover space-museum-nasa-xplane space-museum-ships
space-museum-soyuz space-museum-sputnik space-museum-voyager-airplane space-museum-voyager
korean-memorial-01 fbi-building white-house-bars whitehouse
Weisses Haus2 Weisses Haus3 Weisses Haus1 400-cross
400-eastroom wasrw slide lg 07 400-library wasgh slide lg 28
wasrw slide lg 00 washington-dc-1 Ohne Titel-22 Ohne Titel-10
Ohne Titel-9 f-concorde concorde-01a concorde 3
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Ohne Titel-33 Ohne Titel-888888 Concorde99 concorde11
Ohne Titel-155 44558989 O67676767 nig14
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chimap fbi FBIqq IMG-200056D
IMG 0626-20DC3-20Air-Space-20(ok) IMG 0628-20DC3-20Air-Space-20(good) IMG 0635-20a-20Mars-20Lander-20(ok) louisianna-20state-20museum
New-20Orleans-20skyline unbenannt unbenannt000 unbenannt1133
unbenannt22 us-20congress us-20navy Washington-20Monument-20sunset